TYRIAN Brushed Titanium Ring, boasting captivating blue and purple wavy design in an 8mm band. Discover durability and sophistication in perfect harmony.
  • Domed-style jewelry is created using a variety of methods to achieve a rounded or convex shape. Popular for its stylish, versatile, and comfortable design.
  • Titanium is a versatile and lightweight metal increasingly used in jewelry, especially for wedding bands and contemporary designs. Its strength, corrosion resistance, and hypoallergenic properties make it an ideal choice for those seeking durable, long-lasting, and comfortable jewelry pieces that can withstand daily wear.
  • Brush finish adds a touch of individuality and a subdued, non-reflective look to the piece. Brushed jewelry is favored by those who appreciate a more subtle and understated style. The color of the ring may have slight variation.
More Information
Manufacturer Thorsten
Metal Type Titanium
Color Blue, Purple
Finish Brushed
Style Domed
Type Wedding Band
Gender Unisex
Stones None
Lead Time in Days 0
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