MIRAGE Sandblasted Black Tungsten Ring, featuring stunning Crushed Alexandrite and Dark Blue/Purple Crushed Goldstone for a unique, bold look. Elegant and individual 8mm statement ring.
  • A flat shape denotes pieces with minimal 3D depth, showcasing smooth surfaces that often display decorative designs or engravings.
  • Black tungsten jewelry offers a striking and contemporary aesthetic. The black finish is achieved through a PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) process, which provides a sleek, dark appearance while maintaining the inherent durability and scratch resistance of tungsten.
  • Sandblasting creates a textured, matte finish by etching the metal or gemstone. Sandblasting can produce a frosted or rough appearance, adding a unique and artistic element to jewelry.
More Information
Manufacturer Thorsten
Metal Type Black Tungsten
Color Black, Blue
Finish Sand Blasted
Style Flat
Type Wedding Band
Gender Unisex
Stones None
Lead Time in Days 0
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